Mayor Takes Part in Jubilee Event

Mayor of London Boris Johnson took part in a formal ceremony today, which forms part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

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Extracts from Boris Johnson's address to the Queen

‘We, the Mayor of London and the Members of the London Assembly – representatives of the people of London – heartily congratulate Your Majesty on the celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Your Accession. ‘When Your Majesty’s forebear William the Conqueror crossed the Channel and defeated King Harold at Hastings, it was to London that he hastened for his coronation, in the great church at Westminster founded by Edward the Confessor.

And it was on the banks of the Thames, across the river from where City Hall now stands, that the Conqueror established the White Tower, to command access to the city and to make secure his claim to the throne.

Since that time – nearly a millennium - London has been the home of the monarchy and Londoners have been proud to be the Sovereign’s neighbours as well as subjects. Whether in Richmond, Hampton Court or Kew, Greenwich or Eltham, or in Westminster, Whitehall and Kensington, Londoners have lived alongside their Kings and Queens for centuries. Long may they continue so to do.

On behalf of the people of London – and those who serve the city in its emergency services, its transport network and the agencies and offices of the Greater London Authority – we give thanks for Your Majesty’s sixty years of service to London, and affectionately offer Your Majesty our most loyal congratulations on the occasion of Your Diamond Jubilee.

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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