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Plan B: Sweeney diet 'changed my whole aura'

Ben Drew - aka Plan B - before he shed more than two stone. Credit: Reuters, Susana Vera

Singer-turned-actor Plan B says that he's become a new man, after slimming down for his role as a flying squad officer in the film remake of The Sweeney.

The star, whose real name is Ben Drew, had to shed two stone before filming.

He told Men's Health Magazine: "losing the weight has changed my whole aura. When I walk into a room, I'm not paranoid about my weight any more, I'm just feeling a lot more comfortable and obviously that's an attractive thing in any human being."

Without losing the weight, he said, his performance in the cop drama would not have been believable:

"I needed to look like I could come through the door and arrest people, like I could compete with villains out there. The way I looked before, it just wasn't believable."

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