Call to end cold calling

The theme of this year's National Consumer Week is 'Cold calling - don't buy it!' The Trading Standards Institute is calling on people to get tough on cold calling, which it says is not in decline and vulnerable people are being targeted.

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VIDEO: Elderly couple scammed by conmen

Second World War veteran Harold Trace, 86 and his wife Joyce, 82, from Ashford in Surrey, were scammed out of £3,000 by conmen who took advantage of their vulnerability - their daughter had died of cancer the month before, their son-in-law the year before, leaving their granddaughter orphaned.

The conmen used the death of the couple's daughter to gain their trust. Three men arrived at their house in September last year. They claimed to be from the company that had painted their house over 20 years ago; they wanted to check everything was ok at no charge.

They left saying everything was fine and Harold gave them a £5 tip for their time. Shortly afterwards they returned to say they had noticed the wall was unstable and urgently needed work. Harold and Joyce welcomed them back into the house and offered them tea and biscuits.

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