Police officer describes being stabbed

A police officer told today how a derangedknifeman pinned him to the floor and stabbed him.

Pc Thomas Harding said he hit Christopher Haughton three times on the head withhis baton - but it had no effect.

He was one of a number of police officers injured by Haughton after he was cornered in a halal butcher's shop in Kingsbury, north London, in November last year.

Pc Harding, who had only beena policeman for three years, was one of the first to reach Haughton. Haughton, 33, of Wembley, deniesthe attempted murder of four officers and six other charges of assault on theircolleagues during two disturbances.

PC Harding told the Old Bailey:

He was struggling with a member of staff who was trying to force him against a corner."I went to him, trying to subdue him. I put my shield up against him and used my baton against his left arm and his leg."It had no effect at all. He pushed against me and I ended up on the floor. I struggled to get free."My recollection was that Mr Haughton was on top of me, holding me down."My shield had fallen on my chest. I had my baton in my right hand. He had his right hand up and was hitting down towards me, very quick, fast blows.

"At this point I realised he had a knife in his hand. He was still coming down towards me."My initial thought was that he was trying to kill me. I made three baton strikes to the head. It had no effect."He did not say anything while he was doing it, but I knew he was trying to cause me pain. I shouted to my colleges to get him off me."