Muamba's defibrillator fund

More than 900 defibrillators are being made available to clubs in non-league football and the Women's Super League, a year after Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during a Bolton match against Tottenham

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Clubs can bid for life-saving equipment

Fabrice Muamba was "in effect dead" for 78 minutes after collapsing on the pitch a year ago Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Non-league and grassroots football clubs are being invited to bid for life-saving defibrillators, a year after Fabrice Muamba collapsed after a cardiac arrest on the pitch at White Hart Lane.

The Football Association and the British Heart Foundation have teamed up and spent £1.2 million.

The money's been raised by donations, the FA and football clubs, to allow smaller clubs access to the potentially life-saving equipment. To find out more, or to bid for a defibrillator, click here for more information

A medical team tending to Bolton Wanderers' Fabrice Muamba Credit: Rebecca Naden/PA Wire

BHF medical director Professor Peter Weissberg said: "This is a chance to equip many of our football clubs with the life-saving skills and equipment which will improve this country's very poor cardiac arrest survival rates"

The UK Resuscitation Council state that a defibrillator can be used safely and effectively without previous training and that its use should not be restricted to trained rescuers.

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