Bank 'is worst tube station'

The poll to rate Underground stops found six in ten people have a station they dislike most. Credit: REUTERS/Andrew Winning

When asked to rate the capital's Underground stops, Londoners have ranked Bank station as the network's worst.

The station is one of London's busiest and has 10 platforms and five Underground lines.

Acton Town and Oxford Circus were next in the list of least popular stops.

Canary Wharf was voted as the favourite, followed by Baker Street and London Bridge.

More than a thousand adults were polled and around 10 per cent said they disliked Bank station the most.

The online YouGov poll was conducted earlier this month.

YouGov's Laurence Janta-Lipinski said: "The fact that two-thirds of Londoners have a favourite Tube station, and six in 10 have a station they dislike most, shows how central the London Underground is to the daily lives of people living in the capital.

"While there isn't a great deal of consensus as to what is the best station, what's interesting is that Bank has come out clearly as the most disliked Tube station in London.

"I'll refrain from speculating on why Bank is so unpopular, but perhaps this poll will have Transport for London bosses asking how they can make it a more pleasant experience for customers."