New app reveals London's past

These images created for a new Museum of London app gives an insight into the capital's hidden stories. The past emerges, locked as an overlay across the present scene.

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The frozen Thames in 1677

Covent Garden Flower Women: c.1877 Credit: Museum of London

Three women selling flowers on the street in Convent Garden. The image is taken from a series of 37 photographs published in the book, 'Street Life in London'(1877), with text written by John Thomson and the journalist Adolphe Smith.

After taking photographs in the Far East, Thomson opened a portrait studio in London in 1875. Two years later he collaborated with the journalist, Adolphe Smith, to produce 'Street Life in London'.

The book was conceived as a follow-up to Henry Mayhew's famous study, 'London Labour and the London Poor' (1861–2). The photographs were used to guarantee the book's authenticity.

People queue at a music festival, Hyde Park: 1970 Credit: Henry Grant Collection/Museum of London

People queue at a music festival, Hyde Park. These people are queuing for food and drink or toilet facilities at a music concert in Hyde Park. Free summer music concerts had been held in Hyde Park since 1968.

Huge crowds enjoyed the atmosphere and popular music here in 1970.Musicians including Roy Harper, the Edgar Broughton Band and the headline band Pink Floyd played to crowds reportedly over 100,000 strong.

The Frozen Thames, looking Eastwards towards Old London Bridge: 1677 Credit: Museum of London

The Frozen Thames, looking Eastwards towards Old London Bridge. Oil on canvas. Numerous figures shown amusing themselves on the frozen river, skating, sliding, snowballing and even shooting.

Old London Bridge in in the middle distance and beyond it is the tower of St. Olave's Tooley Street and Southwark Cathedral.

View of Cheapside: c.1926 Credit: Museum of London

From opposite Old Change, running from Cheapside, George Davison Reid took this photo looking towards St Augustine's church. Around a decade after this photo was taken, Cheapside and the City of London were heavily damaged in the Blitz.

The street was lost as was the church, though its tower remains.

Shoe shine Piccadilly: 1953 Credit: Henry Grant Collection/Museum of London

Asoldier gets a shoe shine outside Piccadilly underground station.

West India Docks 1900: Sugar being hoisted into warehouses Credit: PLA collection/Museum of London

Sugar being hoisted into warehouses, West India Docks, east London.

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