Azelle Rodney report published

The final report looking into the death of Azelle Rodney has been published. It concludes that the officer who fired the lethal shots used force which was not "strictly proportionate".

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  1. Ronke Phillips

Officer used force which was not "strictly proportionate"

Ronke Phillips Credit: ITN

Our Correspondent Ronke Phillips has been following the case and has sent this report:

An official inquiry report has criticised theMetropolitan police over the shooting dead of a man by a firearms officer.

The report concludes the officer who fired the lethalshots used force which was not " strictly proportionate".

Azelle Rodney was killed in Edgware in 2005 after police forced the car he was travelling in to make a "hard stop".

He was shot six times by an officer known as E7.

Officers say they had intelligence that Rodney and the two other men in the car were armed and on their way to rob a Columbian drugs gang.

Evidence heard by the inquiry conflicted with the police account.

The report says the first six shots were fired in just 1.11 seconds.

The judge also concludes that the operation was not controlled and planned to minimise recourse to what it calls "lethal force"

It's understood E7 plans to challenge the findings and has already sent a letter to the inquiry outlining his objections.

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