Public transport overheating?

Transport for London has set out what it's doing to cool tube, rail and bus services during the summer heat. However, London's newest "Boris Bus" has been blighted with reports of problems with air conditioning.

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Just exactly how hot is it on the new Boris buses?

We've recorded the temperature onboard a 38 bus between Grays Inn Road/Holborn and Essex Road, Islington this afternoon. Our Political Correspondent Simon Harris's tweets accompany each image.

On Friday, the Mayor Boris Johnson promised to fix the problem, and Transport for London claimed an 'army of engineers' would work throughout the weekend to get the air conditioning working.

But many commuters have complained that the top deck of the new bus for London is still "unbearable"

Simon: "Top deck of Boris Bus on No 38 route and the temperature is above 30 deg C" Credit: Simon Harris/ITN
Simon:"Temperature is going up" Credit: Simon Harris/ITN
Simon: "Bizarrely, The further north we go, the higher the temp" Credit: Simon Harris/ITN
Simon:"Right, had enough of this mobile sauna, getting off at the next stop" Credit: Simon Harris/ITN

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