Police marksman applies for legal review of fatal shooting

Azelle Rodney was shot dead by a police marksman in 2005 Credit: Metropolitan Police

A police marksman who gunned down a robbery suspect has applied for a judicial review of a public inquiry that found he had "no lawful justification" for fatally shooting the 24-year-old.

The officer, known only as E7, killed Azelle Rodney in Edgware, north London, in 2005 after the car in which he was travelling with two other men was stopped by armed police.

They feared the three were on their way to stage an armed heist on Colombian drug dealers and had an automatic weapon capable of firing 1,000 rounds per minute.

Former judge Sir Christopher Holland chaired a three-month public inquiry into Mr Rodney's death, and last month published his findings to say the killing was not justified.

Today lawyers for E7 served a claim for judicial review on Sir Christopher, seeking a declaration that his conclusions relating to E7's use of force are "irrational", or an order quashing parts of the report that conclude the officer's use of force was not justified.