Murdered teenager excelled in GCSE exams

A teenager who was murdered in Poplar ten days ago achieved top grades in his GCSEs, it was revealed today.

Ajmol Alom, who was 16, got 8 grade As in subjects including Maths, Science and Geography and three B grades in English language, humanities and physical education.

Ajmol Alom had just finished his GCSEs at Langdon Park School Credit: Facebook

Ajmol had hoped to become a doctor in the future and his headmaster, Chris Dunne paid tributes to him:

"One of the careers he was considering was in medicine, and these results would have made that a very real possibility in terms of university entrance. All the many journalists who interviewed me after the horrifying event of his murder wanted to know how 'good' he was as a student."

"I was able to say without hesitation that he was very able, looking forward to GCSE results at a very high level and very capable of going on to achieve the kind of grades which would have secured him a place at any one of our best universities."