Polar bear puppet, the size of double decker bus, heads to London

A three-tonne polar bear puppet, the size of a double decker bus, is heading to London as part of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the Arctic and changes to its environment.

The puppet is 41-feet long Credit: Greenpeace

The puppet will be operated from the inside by a team of 15 puppeteers as it makes its way along a route including the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge on 15 September.

The bear will also be hauled on ropes by 30 volunteers Credit: Greenpeace
Some of the puppeteers include artists from West End blockbuster War Horse Credit: Greenpeace

The giant bear, which is made of replica and reclaimed ship parts as well as recycled materials, will be carrying in her fur the names of over 3 and half million people who have joined a global movement to protect the Arctic.