Man jailed for life for brutal stabbing

A man has been been jailed for life for stabbing a transgender woman to death in her bedroom before leaving her decomposing body undiscovered for more than a month.

Romy Maynard, 28, denied killing 22-year-old Chrissie Azzopardi at her home in Crescent Way, north London, in April last year.

Ms Azzopardi knew her killer and telephone records showed they were in contact with each other in the days before her death.

Ms Azzopardi, who was due to undergo gender surgery, was found lying on her bed with fatal stab wounds to the chest.

Her body was discovered after neighbours noticed a bad smell coming from her flat and raised the alarm in June last year, the Old Bailey heard.

Prosecution lawyer Mark Heywood QC said he said the murder was "swift and brutal" and that the victim had "everything to look forward to in life".