Dog ate my lingerie: Barney's appetite for underwear

Staffordshire bull terrier Barney is in the dog house this Christmas for indulging in an unsavoury appetite for women's underwear.

The nine-month-old stray, a new resident of Battersea Dogs Home, has amazed his keepers by digesting three pairs of pants - including a rather risque black thong.

Barney, a stray nine month old puppy who had digested three entire pairs of knickers. Credit: Battersea Dogs Home/PA Wire

Vets were astounded when Barney deposited the first piece of lingerie during a stroll in the park on his second day at the home - having swallowed it whole and passed it through his digestive system completely intact.

Sam Barley, a veterinary surgeon at Battersea, said: "Who knows how Barney came to swallow so many pairs of pants. It will remain his secret but this little puppy is clearly a bit of a scavenger and we'll be advising his new owners to keep him well away from the laundry basket and the washing line".