Controversial high speed line will 'ease housing crisis'

The new boss of the HS2 high speed rail line claims the controversial high speed line is essential to ease London's housing crisis.

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HS2 rail link will 'suck business into the capital'

Campaign groups opposed to the building of the HS2 link are disputing claims it will help ease the problems faced by London's housing market.

HS2 will push property prices up in London, because it will suck business into the capital - and create more jobs than the housing market can cope with - rather than send business to the regions

Economic success in the regions will be down to massive infrastructure and business investment locally - the growth and success of Lille is being attributed to Eurostar, but the high speed line into Lille simply provided delivery to an area in which there was huge investment locally independent of the high speed line.

None of the proposed destinations in Britain for HS2 have the wealth to invest to the extent required to capitalise on the HS2 vanity project.

– Richard Houghton, a Director for HS2 Action Alliance

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