Airport company 'regrets' 11-hour delay

The airport handling company Swissport has said it regrets any delay to passengers after they claimed to be stuck on a plane "without food or water" during an 11 hour delay at Stansted Airport.

Footage emerged on YouTube of agitated passengers on the Stansted to Porto flight on Valentine's Day. Swissport released this statement:

The weather on Feb 14th has been recognized as one of the worst to hit the UK for decades with high winds causing travel chaos across the country...

The flight was loaded, but fueling was not available. This caused the delay. Swissport staff were under extreme pressure dealing with an unprecedented level of flights and whilst we accept we should have unloaded the passengers sooner we simply had no one available to unload when contacted by the Captain.

– Swissport

Swissport regret any delay to passengers and to Ryanair. However, in extreme circumstances, our staff worked tirelessly to ensure that diverted flights were dealt with as soon as possible. We are disappointed that even under these extreme conditions we fell short of our usual high standards.

– Swissport