London Zoo Lemur jumps on 'selfie' band wagon

A lemur at London Zoo decided to get involved in the recent trend for 'selfies' and has taken a series of self portraits.

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Ten of the best animal 'selfies'

A pair of dogs smile for the camera. Credit: Twitter
This cat attempts a 'bedtime selfie'. Credit: Instagram: Lilfabbie
This dog strikes a 'side selfie' where only one side of the face is captured. Credit: Instagram: chanceytheaussie
Bekily, the London Zoo lemur, isn't the first of his kind to grab a camera. Credit: Twitter
A dog captures his walk on camera. Credit: Twitter
A bearded dragon poses for the camera. Credit: Twitter: Laurababesh
Another walk and another dog captures his adventure on camera. Credit: Reddit: tomcampbell105
Another dog selfie, this time the subject sticks out its tongue for his photo. Credit: Instagram: pearlbot
This Doberman poses for a picture with its owner who is pushed out of the shot. Credit: Reddit: cometchick
A crested black macaque demonstrates how to execute the perfect animal selfie. Credit: Twitter

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