£100m for outer boroughs

The Mayor will announce the winning boroughs of his flagship "mini-Holland" initiative later today. £100m is up for grabs by outer boroughs.

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Move significant numbers of suburban car journeys to bike

The Mayor wants to move significant numbers of car journeys to bike Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Archive

The mini-Holland programme aims to significantly reduce suburban car journeys, which the Mayor says are often short and cycleable, and increase the number of journeys made on bike.

Each outer London borough was invited to submit proposals for:

A substantial redesign of the main town centre to make it genuinely excellent for cyclists

Redesigns of some of the secondary town centres

Addressing severance, where this is a problem: new cycle and pedestrian crossings of major roads, railway lines or waterways

A network of good cycle routes radiating out from the main town centre, and secondary centres to other parts of the borough, paralleling all the main local travel routes. Redesigns of problem junctions used by cyclists

At least one good commuter route from the borough to central London

Cycle superhubs at local railway stations

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