75% of London men 'unaware of testicular cancer signs'

Three quarters of London men are unaware of how to correctly check themselves for the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer, according to a new survey by a men's health charity.

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Testicular cancer survivor urges men to check for signs

A man who survived testicular cancer has urged other men to not be shy and to know how to check for signs, after it was revealed 75% of men do not know the symptoms of the disease.

Matt Hancock, a 32-year-old electrician from Twickenham, who found a lump on his testicles four years ago said he had no idea what he should be checking for before he was diagnosed:

I was young, fit and healthy, so I put off showing my GP. I was eventually referred to a hospital and thankfully the cancer was caught in time - I was one of the lucky ones.

I had my testicle removed and replaced with a prosthetic and have made a full recovery following 3 cycles of chemotherapy - I just wish I'd been more clued up.

It's bloody scary being told you have cancer, but as long as you act quickly then there is a very good chance you'll be ok.

My advice to men is to not be shy - get to know yourself and if you find something unusual, get it checked out straight away.

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