Cherry Groce: I asked a police officer if I was going to die

A witness statement from Cherry Groce was read at her inquest today. It was given to police in October 1985, a few days after she was shoot by a police officer at her home in Brixton.

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Shooting victim's son recalls her 'struggling for breath'

A son of the woman whose shooting by the police sparked the 1985 Brixton riots recalled seeing her struggling for breath as she lay bleeding on the bedroom floor. Lee Lawrence told the inquest into her death that he remembered screaming hysterically when police burst in and shot her.

I heard another bang which is when I jumped up and opened my eyes and saw a police officer holding a gun in his hand and my mum was on the floor. He was holding a gun to her neck. He was shouting 'where's Michael Groce, where's Michael Groce?'

I was screaming and shouting 'what have you done to my mum'. I just heard her saying she could not feel her legs, that she could not breathe and that she was going to die.

– Lee Lawrence

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