Cherry Groce: I asked a police officer if I was going to die

A witness statement from Cherry Groce was read at her inquest today. It was given to police in October 1985, a few days after she was shoot by a police officer at her home in Brixton.

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Police marksman: I saw the flash and the next thing is Cherry Groce is on the ground

A police marksman who shot Cherry Groce was on the brink of tears as he told an inquest how he saw her sink to the floor. Inspector Douglas Lovelock had to pause several times as he recounted the raid:

The door crashed, which was enormous, and I shouted 'armed police'.

I was up into the hallway and the door was ajar about eight inches. I kicked it and went in. We had already unholstered our revolvers and I went in in a crouch position and almost immediately there was this figure upon me.

I've had 30 years to think about this and the stress I was under.

My finger must have been pulling back on that trigger the whole time I was going up and through.

I saw the flash and the next thing is Mrs Groce is on the ground. I dropped down to her eyes thinking 'I hope to Christ it is shock and I have missed'

– Inspector Douglas Lovelock

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