Boris declines challenge by Paralympian to spend day in a wheelchair

Boris Johnson declines a challenge by Paralympic champion Hannah Cockroft to spend a day in a wheelchair. She claims wheelchair access is so bad on the tube he would not be able to get to all of his appointments.

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Boris Johnson declines challenge to spend a day in a wheelchair

The Mayor's office has confirmed to ITV London that Boris Johnson has declined a challenge by paralympian Hannah Cockcroft to spend a day in a wheelchair using the tube network to get around.

The Mayor thanks Hannah for her passionate efforts to highlight the challenges wheelchair users face using public transport and will ask TfL to work with her to gain further understanding of the issues she raises.

He is very aware of the difficulties that are posed by our 150 year-old Tube network and that the picture for disabled people travelling in the capital is far from perfect.

London has one of the most accessible transport networks in the world, but delivering continued improvements is a key priority for the Mayor.

– Mayor of London

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