Mayor calls for investment into Dementia

Mayor Boris Johnson has called for further investment into the International Dementia Research Institute to speed up how we tackle this illness

Mayor calls for more research into dementia as major charities and pharmaceutical companies meet in London

Mayor Boris Johnson has called for more investment into a International Dementia Research Institute. This comes as early analysis shows that tackling the problem of dementia via an institute could contribute £850 million to the UK economy and nearly 2000 jobs.

Today some of the leading pharmaceutical companies and charities will meet at City Hall to discuss the concept of an International Dementia Research Institute which would aim to speed up tackling the illness.

"Dementia is a major global challenge and has devastating consequences for the lives of affected people and their families, social care needs and economic prosperity. The London-Oxford-Cambridge 'golden triangle' has been at the forefront of groundbreaking medical and scientific research for decades, with some of the best universities in the world, a rich array of pharmaceutical companies, unrivalled connectivity and risk-hungry venture capitalists. An International Dementia Research Institute based here would boost our life sciences' offer, with enormous potential to deliver benefits for patients, families and other carers, while delivering huge savings to the economy."

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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