Lord Darzi formally unveils plans today to make London the healthiest major city in the world

Former health minister and pioneering surgeon Lord Darzi will unveil some radical smoke-free plans for London later today- as part of a drive to make the capital the healthiest major city in the world.

Professor Lord Ara Darzi at the launch of the London Health Commission Credit: PA

He wants to make London's parks as well as Trafalgar Square no-smoking areas- as well as implement measures to combat the threats caused by obesity, lack of exercise and pollution.

Smoke-free proposals for London park and public places Credit: PA

He'll be presenting the final report of the London Health Commission to London Mayor Boris Johnson today.

Lord Darzi says "Each year, more and more Londoners are choosing to quit smoking, improving and lengthening their lives. We need to help more Londoners to do the same. After all, smoking is still the leading cause of avoidable deaths - every year, more than 8,000 Londoners die prematurely from tobacco.

He added:

"As a cancer surgeon working in the NHS, I see the terrible consequences for smokers and their families. We must do more to help people quit and discourage kids from taking it up. The 2007 legislation tackled passive smoking. We now need to do more to help smokers to kick the habit"