Daniel Radcliffe excited about visiting Star Wars set

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was on the red carpet in Leicester Square this evening for the premier his new horror film, Horns.

Daniel Radcliffe promoting his new movie Horns in London this evening Credit: PA

The 25-year-old actor joined co-star Juno Temple for the event. In his new film Radcliffe stars as a DJ called Ig Perrish - wrongly accused of murdering his girlfriend, played by Temple - who wakes up to discover he has grown horns which drive people to confess their sins.

The young British star also admitted how excited he had been on his recent visit to the set of the new Star Wars movie at Pinewood studios.

Radcliffe revealed: "I was so excited, 'cause I literally just watched the original Star Wars movies very recently, so I was like a new fan going on set. But I got to meet Harrison Ford and have a chat, and he was lovely. It was great.

"Most people would be excited about seeing the Star Wars set but I went out because all my friends were working there 'cause it's the Potter crew, they've basically just moved onto that, so I was going to see all of them."