Cat owner fined for drowning his pet after she fell ill

A man who killed his pet cat by drowning her in a bucket of water has been fined and sentenced to a community order.

David Streeter took the pet into his garden in Crawley in West Sussex, and held her under water rather than taking her to the vet when she fell ill.

Credit: RSPCA

There is no doubt this poor tabby's sad last days were full of pain and discomfort. Firstly, she was left to suffer in a poorly state without any veterinary treatment for at least three weeks. Then, rather than take the cat to a vet where she may have received treatment to resolve her health issues, her owner took the decision to kill her in a completely inhumane way. Being held under the water like this is a horrible way for an animal to die. There is absolutely no excuse for such callous treatment of an animal he was responsible for.

– Andrew Kirby, RSPCA