Men 'dressed as fairies' kick and stamp on their victims during homophobic attack

Police are hunting thugs who beat up two men while dressed as fairies. The pair, who were wearing pink tutus, shouted abuse as they kicked their victims in the head in Surbiton, south London. Police say the attack was carried out early on Saturday morning by two men in their late 20s.

At this early stage it is believed that both victims were walking along Victoria Road when they passed a group of men and women. They were subjected to homophobic abuse by the men in the group.

The two victims walked away but when they reached the zebra crossing near Brighton Road the two men from the group who were both wearing pink tutus approached them.

They punched the 18-year-old victim. The 21-year-old victim was kicked and stamped upon. Passers by intervened to stop the attack.

– Met Police statement