Kitten escapes death after being found in car engine

Parsnip the kitten. Credit: RSPCA

A kitten narrowly escaped death after being discovered in a car engine, seconds before it was switched on.

The driver based in Greenwich was alerted by a group of children who had heard cat sounds coming from the car's engine moments earlier.

Parsnip the kitten. Credit: RSPCA

It's thought the 8-week-year-old tortoiseshell kitten called Parsnip, had spent the night in the vehicle to keep warm.

When the driver and his neighbours tried to rescue the kitten, she jumped into several other car engines. Eventually Parsnip was caught when she ran into the RSPCA's van .

Parsnip is currently being looked after at the RSPCA’s South Godstone Animal Centre.

If you have any information on who she may belong to please call 0300 123 8018.