Londoners charged the most in parking fines in the UK

Hundreds of millions of pounds was made by councils this year Credit: PA

Londoners paid the most per person in parking fines this year according to a Freedom of Information request.

On averge, people who lived in London paid £65.01 each in fines. In the southeast as a whole, this figure dropped to £24.69 per person.

More than 214 councils around the country were asked by Labour how much they had collected in parking charged and fines in 2013/14.

In London, 20 out of 32 boroughs answered the request, giving a total of £327 million. Labour say, correcting for the capital's population, this figure would be as much as £523 million.

They say that Conservative boroughs took in £96.23 per resident in parking charges and fines, more than twice as much as the £46.42 per resident for Labour boroughs.

Westminster alone took in £81 million in charges and fines last year.

Amount paid per head in parking charges Credit: Labour Party

Nationwide, Labour say that they estimate £1.38 billion was collected in parking charges, up from £1.32 billion the previous year.

The figures show that the south of England is bearing the greatest burden in parking charges.

“David Cameron and Eric Pickles claimed they would bring parking charges and fines down but they have completely failed.

"Our research reveals that it is Tory councils that are making most money from charges and fines.

"Once again, their promises have proved to be nothing but hot air.

“It’s now clear that Christmas shoppers and local businesses will feel the greatest pinch if they have a Tory council.”

– Hilary Benn MP, Labour's Shadow Local Government Secretary