Man jumps on bike to get mugged tourist's phone back

The thief was caught and sentenced within 24 hours Credit: PA

A man's "community spirit" has been praised by police after he ran home to get his bike to chase a mugger on Christmas Day.

Tomek Sievek saw a tourist get robbed of his mobile phone near Hyde Park while he was out for a walk with his family.

Mr Sievek ran home to get his mountain bike and chased the thief before flagging down police to say he had caught him.

The police then went to help the grateful tourist.

"The actions of Mr Sievek, whilst out with his family on Christmas Day, led to the suspect being arrested and sentenced within 24 hours.

"His community spirit is to be applauded and I know that the victim is extremely grateful for the help he gave to police."

– PC Bernie Cryan

Mustapha Zitouni, 35, of no fixed address appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court yesterday (Friday) where he was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment after pleading guilty to theft.