Number of speeding fines in London goes down

The number of people convicted for speeding nationwide rose last year Credit: PA

The number of people fined for speeding in London fell to its lowest level in five years, according to Ministry of Justice figures.

But the number of people fined in the capital was still higher than anywhere else in the country.

The figure for England and Wales was the highest since 2009 with just over 115,000 people convicted.

In the areas of London covered by the Metropolitan Police the number fell to 7,736.

Those found guilty of a speeding offence must pay a minimum of £100 and will have three penalty points added to their licences.

More than 7,000 people were fined for speeding in London Credit: PA

"Speeding can have devastating consequences and it's right that drivers should abide by the speed limit.

"These fines were issued at the discretion of the magistrates and show the number of fines issued is in decline across many police force areas."

– A spokeswoman for the Department for Transport

Edmund King, the president of the AA, added the introduction of digital cameras mean the devices are now working all day long.