Man with dementia goes missing after boat trip

Frank Bell, who lives in Wiltshire, went missing while on a visit to London Credit: Metropolitan Police

A 69-year-old man who has dementia has gone missing on a visit to London, after becoming separated from his wife during a boating trip.

Frank Bell had been visiting London with his wife and was on a trip along the Thames yesterday when the two became separated. Mrs Bell was able to disembark at Embankment Pier but Mr Bell remained on the boat.

The vessel continued onto the London Eye Pier where Mr Bell disembarked and headed in towards Westminster Bridge. He was last sighted on CCTV walking along the bridge at about 5pm.

Officers are concerned as Mr Bell suffers from dementia causing him to become easily confused and forgetful. Both Mr and Mrs Bell were due to return home to Wiltshire last night.

Mr Bell is described as a white male approximately 5ft 11ins tall. He was last seen wearing a black beanie hat, green coat, black trousers, black trainers and black gloves.

Mr Bell does not have any money, credit cards or a mobile phone with him. He has no identification with the exception of a silver-coloured necklace with a pendant with his name, date of birth and blood type.