Police investigating 'terrorist incident' after tube station stabbing

Police are investigating a "terrorist incident" after a man wielding a large knife stabbed three people at a London tube station.

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Local MP urges people to 'carry on as normal' after tube attacks

Local MP said the stabbing was 'barbaric'. Credit: ITV News

Leyton and Wanstead MP John Cryer said the stabbing of three people at Leytonstone tube station was an "appalling attack" but urged local people to continue as normal.

"It is very frightening for local people. I have been talking to some of the local businesses and obviously they are all very worried about it," he told BBC1's Sunday Politics.

"I think the message is that we carry on as normal, we don't allow this sort of barbaric behaviour to change our lives."

The Labour MP voted against air strikes on Syria, but has warned against linking the stabbing with the decision to start bombing.

Mr Cryer said: "I think it would be dangerous to say this is a direct consequence of air strikes on Syria, however I feel about the air strikes on Syria."

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