What it was like to be at the Brixton Bowie remembrance gig

Credit: PA

Mike Urban runs a news and music website in Brixton and organised a special remembrance gig in memory of David Bowie. He tells us how the singer's life was celebrated in the area he came from.

I've been a huge fan of Bowie since I was a kid and - like many other people - was completely destroyed by news of his death.

As soon as I heard, I knew I had to do something that night in Brixton to celebrate the man.

Bowie is both a personal hero and a Brixton icon, so I thought the best place to host the night would be in Brixton's last rock'n'roll bar, The Prince Albert in Coldharbour Lane.

By 5pm, the pub was rammed, and by 7pm a queue stretched 200 metres down Coldharbour Lane!

I got three other DJs to join me - all massive Bowie fans - and collectively we probably had almost all of Bowie's recorded output on vinyl.

I'd also compiled a reel of Bowie's videos and film rarities to show during the night.

The atmosphere was wonderful inside the pub, with Bowie fans singing his greatest hits - and lesser known songs - with emotion and passion.

There were tears and laughter but, most of all, a sense that we'd all come together to celebrate Brixton's most brilliant son in the best possible way, by dancing and singing through the night to his wonderful music.

Even when the lights went on and the music stopped at the end of the evening, the crowd kept on singing in the streets which resonated with Bowie's great tunes.