One Day Without Us rally celebrates 'crucial role' of migrants in British life

Hundreds of people from London's migrant population turned out on Saturday in a show of solidarity to those who face abuse because of where they are from.

The One Day Without Us campaign set up rallies and events across the country, from London to Edinburgh to Birmingham. The national day of action aims to celebrate all migrants in the UK and "stand against hatred, xenophobia and intolerance".

In the capital's Parliament Square, those who gathered listened to speeches, poems and testimonials from migrants and campaigners.

Jean Lambert, Green Party MEP for London, told the crowd: "We recognise the crucial role that people from other countries play within the UK.

"Whether it is loved ones, family members, whether it's people who are working in the essential services, working in the economy generally, every one of those people contributes to our society and that I think is clear despite the political messages we hear from elsewhere."