Top tips for being a little bit more eco-friendly

If you're looking for ways to become that little bit more eco-friendly, here are some tips from Friends of the Earth.

  • Wash the dishes less frequently

Let dirty dishes pile up first. A fully loaded dishwasher can be more water efficient than washing by hand.

  • Mow the lawn less

Leaving even part of your garden to grow wild can help pollinating insects, like bees, thrive.

  • Cut down on plastic

Millions of plastic straws are thrown away each year – which can put wildlife at risk.

  • Burn less fuel

Ordering a weekly food delivery can cut down on separate car journeys – reducing your climate change emissions.

  • Plant trees

They produce oxygen and removing carbon dioxide and contaminants from the air.

  • Support clean energy

Renewable energy sources can reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the air.

Source: Friends of the Earth