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Lawrence McGinty has retired as Science and Medical Editor for ITV News.

  1. Lawrence McGinty

'Peoples' lives at risk' to meet NHS targets

A patient was referred to Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust's cancer service in May last year.

In the records book, the referral had been documented that the patient turned up in July, two months later.

That made it look as if the hospital were meeting the national guideline of treating patients within 62 days.

Is this serious? Well, every expert we've spoken to has revealed the big issue with cancer is that time is everything.

With every delay in treatment, the cancer can grow, can spread and could prove fatal.

We don't know that's happened at Colchester but we do know staff have been bullied into changing the records and taking risks with peoples' lives - just to make it look as though they are meeting a national requirement, when in fact they are not.

  1. Lawrence McGinty

Shocking for cancer hospital to be reported to police

We have been working on a series on cancer care in the UK for three weeks and everyone we have spoken to stresses how important early diagnosis and early treatment is.

Delaying treatment for even a few days, the cancer can grow, and it can spread and it becomes much more dangerous.

22 cancer patients may have missed vital treatment at the hospital. Credit: ITV News

To find, in this case, the allegation was that staff were bullied into changing records so it made it look as if patients were getting timely treatment when in fact they were not, I think this is one of the most shocking things I have heard, in a long time.

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