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Neil McEvoy suspension cut but says Plaid Cymru membership dispute 'far from over'

Independent AM Neil McEvoy has failed in his bid to get re-admitted into Plaid Cymru. He was expelled for 18 months in March but that's been cut to 12 months on appeal.

He'll have to re-apply for membership after that time.

Mr McEvoy was expelled after several complaints against him were upheld by the party's disciplinary panel.

But Mr McEvoy told ITV Wales "this is far from over" and went on to claim he's considering legal action against the party.

A Plaid Cymru spokesperson said:

The Hearing Panel has resolved to uphold the complaints against Neil McEvoy. He is excluded from the party for 12 months. The decision of the Panel is final.

– Plaid Cymru
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Carwyn Jones: 'Jeremy Corbyn still has to prove himself'

Carwyn Jones hit the campaign trail today but one voter he met wasn't too happy to see him, questioning the First Minister on his political ambitions for Wales.

Welsh Labour want him to front their Welsh campaigns as several Welsh opinion polls show Carwyn Jones is more popular than Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour had a good result at last year's Assembly elections holding on to many of its marginal seats.

Carwyn Jones was again stressing Labour's devolved record, while Theresa May has been trying to set this election against a Brexit backdrop.

The framing of the debate over the next 49 days could prove crucial in determining the result.

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