To buy or not to buy? That is the question. Across the region it seems that many of us could not resist.

Although a strike hadn't even been confirmed, the tanks ran dry at many stations. Unite has now confirmed there will be no strike over Easter as it wants to focus on talks.

But today, there are reports of fuel station closures in Oxfordshire, Dorset, Kent and Sussex. There are stations running out of fuel in Berkshire and Hampshire.

But on the Isle of Wight, the situation is a little bit different.

David Hathaway, company secretary of Pace Petroleum, which runs the Island’s fuel storage site, said: "Fuel is mostly supplied to the Island by ship from the mainland and this operation will not be affected even if a strike of tanker drivers takes place.

"Moreover, the majority of the petrol and diesel sold by Island filling stations is supplied to them by our tanker drivers on the Island and they have indicated that they will not be taking part in any industrial action even if it occurs elsewhere.

"Therefore, as long as people don’t panic buy there will be plenty of fuel to go around and supplies from the Cowes Terminal will continue as normal."

We now know there won't be a strike over Easter, which is expected to be the busiest weekend for travel so far this year. But the speed that people rushed to the pumps shows just how dependent we are on our cars. If a strike does eventually take place, will we have learnt from this crisis and found other ways to cope?