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Who will take over?

Sir John Stanley's exit could solve seat problems for fellow Kent MP Hugh Robertson Photo: ITV Meridian

Sir John Stanley's announcement that he will stand down at the next election as MP for Tonbridge and Malling is very good news for one of his fellow Tory MPs in Kent.Hugh Robertson is the MP for Mid Kent and Faversham: hugely popular in his constituency and admired at Westminster as an excellent MP.But Mr Robertson lost out when the Boundary Commission had its game of musical chairs recently. When the music stopped, Mr Robertson's seat disappeared in the boundary review. So he had no seat to fight at the next election.And he had precious little time to travel round the country looking for a vacancy. As Minister for the Olympics he has been rather busy of late.And in any case, he is a man of Kent and wanted to stay in his county. Sir John's retirement will mean a plum Tory seat has now become available.It will be hotly contested: Tories from all over the country will have their eye on Sir John's constituency and there will be a fiercely fought selection process. But don't be surprised if Hugh Robertson throws his hat in the ring. And don't be surprised if he wins.

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