Fred's Titanic tale

Fred Dinenage meets his Titanic relatives Credit: ITV Meridian

Meridian Tonight presenter Fred Dinenage recently discovered that he has a Titanic connection. The life long Portsmouth supporter's family is originally from Southampton, and his great uncle James Dinenage was a first class saloon steward on board Titanic. Fred went to meet relatives he never new existed, who shared their memories of James, and his wife Annie.

Fred is to present a special memorial service from Southampton docks on April 10th - 100 years to the day that Titanic left the city. More than 700 descendants will attend this event which will feature on Meridian Tonight on ITV 1.

For every 5 crew members on board Titanic 4 of them came from Southampton. Historian Genevieve Bailey told Meridian what a devastating impact the loss of the liner had on the city.