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Rare Titanic artefacts on show

Collections include wooden objects recovered from the Titanic Photo:

There are many locations with Titanic links. The Titanic's departure port of Southampton recently opened its SeaCityMuseum; and in Northern Ireland the Titanic Belfast museum has been launched near the shipyard where the liner was built. However there are also legacies in the places that became linked to the Titanic story after the disaster that was to be her end occurred.

Halifax in Canada was the closest major port to where the Titanic sank. The Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax houses rare exhibits from the Titanic including a deck chair and the biggest collection of wood salvaged from the ship.

Mike Pearse spoke to Gerry Lunn, Curator of Interpretation at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

The museum is also the home of what has become one of the most poignant reminders of one of the world's most tragic events at sea: A pair of shoes, belonging to an unknown child.

These small shoes have become a symbol of the tragic story of the Titanic

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