Two Eland calves are settling into life in an African landscape on the Kent coast.

The calves are just over two weeks old but are already taking to life on the African Experience at the Port Lympne animal park where black rhino, ostrich and giraffe roam freely with zebra, eland and many other species.

Bob Savill, head hoofstock keeper said: "The calves are doing really well, although they are still very shy. Their mums are keeping a diligent watch over them to make sure they are safe."

Eland are native to Eastern, Central and Southern Africa and are one of the largest members of the antelope family. Calves are born after a gestation period of approximately 260 days and can stand within a matter of hours. The mother will move her young to different areas with shelter or long grass, to hide them from potential predators.

Mr Savill said: "Sometimes we don’t see the calves until they are two or three weeks old as the mothers will move them from place to place, as they would in the wild, to keep them out of harm’s way."