Flaming flamingos get down to it

The flock swells at Drusillas Credit: Drusillas Park

Staff at a zoo in Sussex have gone to great lengths over recent months to encourage their Chilean flamingos to breed.

They've played music, including that of crooner Barry White, to the birds in the hope it'll get them in the mood for love.

Now their efforts have paid off, with the reward of two eggs.

The flamingos arrived at Drusillas in 1982 - but there hasn't been a successful hatching since 2009.

This year, keepers have been helping get them in the mood by playing them soothing love songs, alongside pre-recorded mating vocalisations of Chilean flamingos attained from Zoo Atlanta in Georgia.

Mirrors were used to create the illusion of a fuller flock, and their diet was supplemented with extra protein.

Mirrors were used to make the flock appear larger Credit: Drusillas Park