Police hunt protesters after march

Five men police in Sussex want to talk to x Credit: Sussex Police

Sussex Police have released photographs of five people they want to speak with after a march in Brighton.

A major police operation took place on April 22 for the fifth annual March for England rally. A counter protest also took place on the same day.

Around 140 people took part in the protest and several hundred protesters and onlookers gathered along the route in Queens Road and Church Street.

There were verbal exchanges between marchers and protesters and police say a considerable amount of violence was directed towards the marchers.

Various missiles including bottles were thrown and attempts were made to obstruct the march at several points.

When the rally in Victoria Gardens ended, the marchers turned north along London Road and into Trafalgar Street, from where they made their way to the railway station and dispersed by shortly after 4pm.

They were escorted by a strong police presence including mounted officers.

Superintendent Steve Whitton, of Sussex Police, said: "A strong police presence was necessary in order to ensure that the event took place and the risk of disorder and injury was minimised.

"We had several hundred officers available, with support from surrounding forces including mounted officers, and our priority throughout was on public safety whilst at the same time enabling both the marchers and counter-protestors to express their views within the law.

"However it was clear that there were some people at this event whose intention was not to peacefully protest. We were able to restrain these groups and individuals with a firm, robust but fair policing response, but this did require a major police presence at several points."

Two police officers were injured during the day. The two male officers received head injuries when bottles were thrown at them. One of the officers was treated at the Royal Sussex County Hospital for his injuries but was later discharged.

Several police horses received superficial cuts and bruises when attacked by protestors.

A ten-year old girl taking part with her family in the MFE march was hit on the head by a bottle thrown from outside the march, sustaining a minor injury. She continued on the march. Police are investigating this incident and several witnesses and other people have been interviewed and further enquiries are being made.