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Doctors' strike: your views

Doctors will be going on strike on 21st June Photo: ITV News

Doctors will go on strike on 21st June - for the first time in forty years. Hospital managers are preparing emergency plans to cope.

Here's what you've had to say about it on Facebook and Twitter:

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Harry Dawes Everyoneshould have the right to strike, and let's face it what this Government aredoing is criminal and unfair on the hard working people that keep this countrymoving. Cameron says "we're all in this together", he means him andthe rich people of society are in it raking in the cash and "common"people are left on the outside looking in. How fair is that? We're going backto the Thatcher era.

Sharon Mckeown WellI don't agree that they should strike no but I do think the nhs are very goodand were lucky to have them the goverment don't give enough to the hospitals.Footballers get way to much money for kicking a ball around don't seem rightthat people that save lives. Prop earn in a year what footballers get in a week

Maria Cowen WasCollinson I work in a busy clinic where several doctorswill be striking, we should support them in whatever decision they make, behindthe scenes hosp staff are stretched to capacity, long hours (a lot of which areunpaid) growing demands, more complaints, etc etc those that hold the pursestrings are pulling them tighter which filters right down the chain finishingat the patient!

Paul Briggs Noone should be allowed to strike - if you don't like it get another job. Anotherexample to our kids of how to behave if you don't get your own way? I don'tthink so, strike = sack as we are paying for this apparent public service

Tina Ellington Theyshould not strike we are in a recession the government cannot give money that'snot there and many of us are going to be living on a low state pension eventhough we've worked. Come on docs I know your job is a tough one but really??!

MichaelCouldridge when you find a doctor who hasnt got a nicehouse and a posh car and is taking the begging bowl round let me know

Sandra Penny Don'tdown them for fighting for what it right they do a wonderful job we can notlive without them so support them

Maria Cowen WasCollinson Can u just add that when a strike is pendingwithin our dept unless minimum disruption to the patients is made then no onetakes part, delivery of care to a high standard is always priority but ifpeople don't strike and stand up for thier beliefs then no one has the right toever moan or complain again, we as a nation are being walked over so it's timewe stood up for what we believe in!! How very small minded to presume we getpaid too much, I'm currently working 45 hrs a week for £1000 a month, thepoliticians get more than that an hour! Getting another job is not an optionwith so few around, and then who will protect the patients??? Those of you whostrongly believe people should never strike either live a very satisfying lifeor have no idea how bad things are!

David Brown Sr. I would rather go and see a vet, not like the doctors are of any help now days anyway!!

Maria Cowen WasCollinson David be very careful what you say, you neverknow when you or a family member may need them to save your life!!

Lorraine Bromley Forwhat doctors do and the hours they work I don't think they are paid enother butI think striking is not the answer

John Challenor Iam not saying they are wrong (haven't heard both sides of the argument) but,how do they equate striking with the "Hippocratic" oath, if there isstill such thing?

Chris Smee Doctorsshould not strike or take industrial action.I appreciate they have a difficultand stressfull job as so do other professions. Medical ethics say the healthand welfare of patients comes first. GPs are well paid and we in a recession.That is affecting everbody so let's all just knuckle down and get with life.

Melonie Marsh I'msure if they go on strike peoples lives will be put at risk and those needingmedical

or urgent operations will suffer

Lynne Jefford Anotherhigh paid profession throwing their toys out of the pram!! Get real peeps"There's no money left in the money pot!" What makes them sodifferent from the every day man working and slogging their guts out for nowtat the end of the day. They get a flaming good wage and not all of us will makeit to a Pensionable Age by the time this Government stops putting theRetirement age up and up and up and up!! Naughty naughty GP's, teachers etc etc.

Jennie Dennison Maria,I don't disagree with part of your point, I'd like to see politicians,footballers etc take a pay cut as well. As Lynne said with no money left in thepot, everyone needs to share the hit.

Steph Hackett Thinkits stupid! , they're after more money when there's just no money to give, yesthey save our lives and do a great deal but we're all in the financial hardshipand have to put up with it

Graham Porter Daniel,If we want to bring the country to its knees the private sector should strike.Ok the teachers go on strike it's a bit of a pain looking after the kids for aday during the week . Doctors strike we have to make another appointment . Bigdeal ! Imagine the chaos of every shop , supermarket and petrol station wasclosed for a few days ! There would be mad panic

Sarah Bell I'msure it's got to be against their oath somewhere?!?!?!? :-/

Jennie Dennison Strikingis madness. We have it unbelievably good in this country, we are incrediblylucky... why do you think so many people come to live here and we are gettingso over populated? (and this will only get worse, which I hope the governmentwill also do something about sharpish!) The truth is as British people, wedon't realise how lucky we are and there plenty of people only too willing totake our places and our jobs and do them for half the money! I think peoplewould be wise to be grateful for what they have.... before we do ourselves outof any more jobs.

Maria Cowen WasCollinson Let's get this straight.... At NO point woulddoctors striking put people's lives at risk, they liase amongst themselves tomake sure minimum disruption is made, the majority of them have days off, theydo not get paid for the time they strike and yes some Doctors do have attitudesand over large bank accounts but they trained for yrs to be in that job, in ajob where they deliver care to others, there are no appointments because moreand more people are I'll but even with longer working hours and wkend surgeriesthey are still stretched, I'm not a doctor but work bloody hard at the hosp fora mere pittance compared to other jobs but I'm also aware of how lucky I am tobe in employment, I'm sick of people moaning about the state of our country yetwhen those try to stand up for our rights you strike them down at the 1sthurdle, don't ever expect me to sit back and except the crumbs, I'm all forequality and fairness, and this country lacks both!!

Katy Lowther Ithink a pay cut wud be better if they didn't get payed as much maybe the sapremoney cud go towards nhs funding for ops and children hospitals and moreresearch they do get payed a lot of money I slug my ass off being a carer and Ido it bcoz I care about them clearly as my wage is rubbish,I'd like to be aa&e nurse but not for the cash for the satisfaction of helping people,Ithink most docs care to much about there money rather then there actualjob,just greed I think.y do they need more pay I mean really? Is the wage notenuth already?

Maria Cowen WasCollinson Christina do you seriously think that everydoctor in every hosp are gonna down tools and leave patients to suffer insilence??? Get real, they will ALWAYS have thier patients best interest atheart!!! Hang on how many of you remember the rioting, where was Cameronthen???? Oh yes on holiday and only broke it short when the nation causeduproar, don't target those trying to get what's rightfully ours when those atthe top are blatantly taking the pi$$ out of us all!

Carys Bennett Funnyhow doctors, who do very little and get paid more than many people, strike butnurses, who do a very good job work incredibly hard and get paid pennies incomparison, won't strike because they know how much havoc it will cause- I meandoctors may actually have to do some work in hospitals if nurses strike. Showshow much doctors care for their patients. I never go to my doctor, in fact I'veonly met my gp once when she was leaving for a break! Xxx

Jules Genevieve Vitalservices such as medical practices should not be allowed to strike. It should bea punishable offence. It has been part of an accepted culture that doctors andnurses do not put the lives of their patients at risk.

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