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School scraps A-levels

Tonbridge Grammar School will only offer the IB exam from September Photo: ITV News

A-levels will be completely abandoned by a school in Kent in favour of another set of qualifications.

Whilst the majority of colleges and sixth forms favour A-levels, Tonbridge Grammar School will only offer International Baccalaureate from September - saying they prepare students better for university courses and future jobs because they have to study a wider range of subjects.

The school has achieved high results in both A-level and GCSE exams, ranking among the top state schools in the county. The local boys equivalent, The Judd School, similarly achieves good A-Level and GCSE results, making the pair the most high-achieving schools in north-west Kent.

For sixty years, the A level has been the gold standard - but that hasn't stopped the school turning its back on the qualification.

They've decided to switch to the more broad based diploma course because they say it has more breadth. The students have to study six subjects, rather than three or four.

Within the IB student's six subject areas they have to take English, Maths and a language.

There's also a 4,000 word extended essay and 150 hours of community work.