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Southampton station revamped

Transport mInister unveils new improvements Photo:

Transport Secretary Justine Greening is in Southampton to look at millions of pounds worth of improvements made at Southampton Central station. She has been talking about the importance of improving station facilities for the one million people who use trains every day in the region. Southampton Central is the 250th station to benefit from the National Stations Improvement Programme. The station is a hub for the region used by more than 6 million passengers every year.

Transport Minister, Justine Greening is in Southampton

A £2.4 million renovation project funded by the Department for Transport, Southampton City Council, South West Trains and the Rail Heritage Trust; the project will provide the following benefits to passengers:

  • A new art deco style station frontage
  • An improved transport interchange for taxis and buses and a drop-off area
  • A new and enlarged waiting area with additional seating
  • A larger booking hall and improved ticket facilities
  • State-of-the-art destination customer information screens