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Isle of Wight Festival boss on 'mud & rain'

Cars have had to be towed off IoW Festival site amid swathes of mud Photo:

The organiser of the Isle of Wight Festival has said he is surprised by how well people who have been stuck in thick mud at the festival site have taken the problems caused by heavy rain on Thursday.

Hundreds of festival goers had to spend the night in their cars after torrential rain turned field car parks into masses of sludge - stranding those who had already managed to get in, and preventing access for drivers who were still on their their way.

A four mile queues were formed on the A3054 this morning as the backlog of music fans heading to Newport grew.

John Giddings, the festival organiser said his team had tried to help people as much as possible, and were formulating a plan to solve the problem. Click on the video below to see Dave Russell's interview with him.

Thousands of tents are massed at the Isle of Wight campsite

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