Hundreds of people have spend another night under soggy canvas been sleeping in mud overnight as festival organisers on the Isle of Wight struggle to cope with the effects of recent heavy rain fall. Meridian Tonight reporter Sarah Cooper has been speaking to campers who say that those who kept their tents were the luck ones.

It was really really windy overnight and many tents did not survive. People have been telling me that they returned from listening to acts to find their tents destroyed by the high gales, and that they have been forced to buy a new one. Despite this the atmosphere at the festival is really really good and everyone is struggling on through the stick mud.

Campers battle through the mud Credit: ITV Meridian
Some tents were destroyed by the weather Credit: ITV Meridian
Hundreds have continued to camp despite the down pours Credit: ITV Meridian
Organisers are trying to put down straw to cope with the mud Credit: ITV Meridian